10 Tips for cleaning carpets

We all know that despite its good looks, the carpets are like a nest of dirt. Without proper cleaning and maintenance, carpet can absorb a lot of dust, hair, dirty stains, etc. Also, poor maintenance and cleaning can damage your carpet. In some cases the it is necessary professional cleaning of stains and dirt on your carpet.

This article will give you recommendations related to clean the carpet with an emphasis on everyday stains and dirtiness.Pay attention that some natural fabrics (silk, wool, etc.) are very sensitive to high-pressure water and cleaning with some chemical agents. For that you need to choose the safest and most effective way to clean natural carpet.

  1. The best way to clean the thing in the first place to keep it from pollution. Always remember that.
  2. Regular vacuuming is always a good way to start cleaning the carpets. Vacuum cleaning is easier and safer to remove light dirt and filth.
  3. careless cleaning / rubbing the stains will only lead to their spread and blur, resulting in absorption deeper into the carpet. This can damage the carpet.
  4. Some stains tend to reappear. Just when you think that you clear the stain, then reappears soon after. To avoid this place the towel with detergent on the stain for several hours. This could absorb most of the stain. Then, clean the normal way.
  5. Avoid drying stain with irons or hair dryers because it would make the stain even harder.
  6. Steam cleaning is a great way to eliminate all kinds of stains and freshen the carpet. This is quite common service offered by professional cleaning companies, so consider taking advantage of it now. I’m very satisfied with services of carpet cleaning Essex.
  7. In any case, mold and mildew require bleach for white fabrics or other special cleaners colored fabrics. The preparations can be harmful if not used properly or in incorrect amounts. Take time to read the instructions and notices of various detergents.
  8. spills on carpets must be cleared as quickly as possible, set to avoid further damage to the carpet.

In case of stubborn stains from spills (coffee, wine, etc.), You can use one of the many products offered to clean the special spots. If you do not have cleaners, another good and easy way to deal with stained spot is a mixture of water and vinegar.

  1. As mentioned above, vacuum cleaning is the main and easiest way to keep your carpets clean. Take it as possible more often. High-quality vacuum cleaners can be of great benefit. Make sure you use them properly and keep them properly clean more often their bags, filters and containers.
  2. When necessary, use the lightest cleaning chemicals as they do not damage the carpet. Stronger cleaning agents should be used only against very stubborn stains.

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