We begin by actually understanding what Nootropics are, it is term used for a class of chemicals that are either formulated by using natural ingredients or some man made formulas that help give the human brain a boost.

There are various drugs on the market but only a few that really work.


It is an all-natural product that helps boost the brain and actually with time one becomes smarter. This drug is beneficial to students, athletes and professionals and it is known to be a smart drug on steroids. It does not contain any gluten, soy or any allergens. It also helps reduce anxiety in people and boosts ones productivity levels. It also help boost an individual’s learning and helps with problem solving.


If you looking for a product that is highly caffeinated then this is the right smart drug for you. It helps one to think clearly, improves memory function and improves brain health. It is also a naturally formulated drug and one great benefit of this drug is that it is helps stop the cognitive decline that is generally caused by aging.

Review of Alpha Brain

Another natural product made of herbs and plant extracts, with a blend of amino acids and is definitely caffeine free. This drug helpsshutterstock_103080449 improve motivation and productivity. Increases memory and because it has no caffeine in it the benefit of this drug is that it can be taken anytime and it definitely won’t affect sleep patterns.


This is similar to the other drugs mentioned its helps support brain health and helps brain function properly. It helps to increase ones focus. It has not caffeine. It helps give a spark to your brain.


Always in a bad mood and having trouble concentrating then you definitely need to try this drug out. Firstly it is caffeine free. You begin to have clear thinking. Your stress levels are reduced, no more anxiety. You are able to concentrate better and it regulates your mood. Taking this drug prevents and individual from being totally stressed out.

Over all it is important to find the right smart drug that will work for you. We as humans are complicated and one thing that may work for someone else, might not work for you. Take your time and be aware about how each of the above mentioned nootropics makes you feel. Stay away from those “smart drugs” that gives you a short term spike in clarity, followed by a huge dive. Finding the right balance is key.

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