Favorite lies of agencies, giving rooms to rent in London

Unlike agencies selling real estate, those who rent it are less regulated and do not fall under the provisions of the 1979 Estate Agent Act. And the prices of rooms in London are still ridiculously high and finding home rentals can be quite depressive experience if you do not know how to swim the murky waters constantly confused by the profession “Lodging agent.” Post a brief revelation Steve Lucas – formerly of such an agency and author of the book “Inside EA: A Behind the Scenes Look at How Estate Agents Operate”, and the site HouseSimple.co.uk.

At the apartment has shown high interest “There has been lots of interest”

Interest is well. But no concrete commitments. Get ready to leave their pledge your left kidney to be able to pay the deposit. Another possible reason is that there is somewhere in the chambers of the house has large patches of mold, etc.

It has all modern facilities “All modern fixtures”

But it is very likely that these modern for its time equipment have been purchased in 1995, for example. In most cases, these municipal facilities simply have not delivered enough recently to go to the “modern”.

“Must see”

… and all the other rooms on the market on which they should find a tenant, perhaps? This label sticks hundred percent of any accommodation that is available, without thinking for a second what they want to say this.

“Within walking distance”

Steve Lucas: “cunning words. Walking distance, but for whom? For my grandmother or Jessica? If you play by the rules, the distance should be reported as “walking” only if it is measured to fit within 1 mile or 10-minute walk “

“To a trendy neighbourhood or Tube station”

Except your street by some unwritten law never has a part of that” destination “. Agencies always feel obliged to some upbeat sticky label where the dwelling is located, and along with this comes out and all stations in London to qualify for the “fashion” (as long as you are close to your home, of course).

Certainly one thing you will be advised even by real estate agencyа and this is to clean professionally your rented property when you moving out. I have good experience with end of tenancy cleaning in East London.

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Banting Diet

The Banting Diet/Lifestyle is the famous high fat low carb diet that has become a common name to most individuals, as many people have changed their eating habits and incorporated the Banting Diet as their new must have food. Those individuals who have been following this form of diet religiously have experienced amazing results, whereas some feel it has done nothing for them.

With life comes the highs and lows, similarly we experience the same with diets, no matter what diet we choose they will be highs and lows. So, let me enlighten you more on the highs and lows of the Banting Diet.

To most individuals if a diet can produce weight loss then that is the best news for that individual. The Banting Diet effects each individual different as we are all not the same and also, we should take into count an individual medical history as well as their past food choices. Little factors can affect individuals who undergo this form of diet.

Flu-like symptoms

The one factor that is common in all individuals who undergo the Banting Diet is they experience flu like symptoms, known as the ‘the induction’ flu. It is very common in the firsts weeks of the high fat low carb diet. Also headaches can be experienced, vomiting, nausea and may experience slight confusion of the brain. But nothing to serious and theses symptoms do disappear after a few days. Actually, speaking these symptom’s individuals undergo can literally be avoided if the individual just keeps themselves properly hydrated. A simple quick fix method is to add some salt to water and consume it as this will reduce the side effects that comes with the diet.

Leg Cramps

Another common side effect of the high fat low carb diet, leg cramps occurs due to the loss of magnesium in the body and its not to serious but can create much discomfort for the individual. A simple solution is to consume much liquids, like salt water or take a magnesium supplement to reduce those painful cramps.


This happens and is quite common in certain individuals, due to the change in diet and the body is learning to adapt to the change. Constipation also occurs due to the low carb diet as the body becomes dehydrated. So again, drinking fluids with salt is going to help the body from becoming dehydrated, and consume plenty of non – starchy veggies.

Bad Breath

No one would like to have bad breath but this occurs in some individuals due to the ketone levels in the body which produces acetone. But this is a good result in a way as this shows that the body is burning down the fats. All that is needed is some good oral hygiene as the side effects is temporary.

Heart Palpitations

Due to this form of diet the body gets dehydrated so there is less fluid to help in blood circulation as the heart will have to pump faster to help the blood flow. So, drink plenty of fluids and this will help resolve the problem.

So, to sum up when you are on the Banting Diet always make sure that you always remain hydrated as this will prevent your body from experiencing some of the common side-effects experienced by some individuals. Eat enough of veggies and try not to consume too many starchy veggies.

And most importantly try and get some salt in the body by either by taking some magnesium supplement or consume salt water.

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How to keep your floor coverings?

“Flying” mats for added protection

To be honest, the best way to keep the flooring would be if you do not you step on it. Instead of making strategic moves, however, simply place mats in places with the greatest “trafficking” as entrance hall, living room and bedroom around.

Choose the right carpet for different rooms

On the market will find the various types of rugs by size, shape and decoration, so this is the right time to furnish your home with such entirely on your taste! In terms of material, acrylic rugs are ideal because they are resistant to stain and fade from sunlight. Despite these their great qualities, they are not suitable for the hall and entrance hall as quickly wear out.

Here’s who will stop contaminants front door

Dust and sand are sworn enemies of the floors, so we recommend you keep them away from them by placing a mat at the front door. This will protect the parquet and tiles from scratches and carpet from mud stains. If necessary, place mats and the other rooms, bedroom and bathroom for example.

Bet on the mat with an intriguing design

The good news is that not sacrificing attractiveness in the name of functionality and you can choose doormat saying “Welcome” or “Please pull off your shoes,” and why not something more playful. You can even manifest sense of humor with slogans like, “Oh, do you like?” or “Better go to the neighbors.” The materials from which the mat is made, are also a matter of choice, but the most common are rubber and carpet.

The vacuum cleaner is your new best faithful assistant

Whether you bet on the parquet, tiles or other flooring for your home, its regular cleaning is the key to the preservation of its kind for long. For this purpose at least once a week, clean it with a vacuum cleaner, but if you’re a fan of her irritating hum, try a broom. If you are not a fan of both ideas better call to carpet cleaning Enfield. Dust and sand, which we import from outside can scratch the surface and in the best case, to destroy their coverage. Note the tabs on the vacuum cleaner and use these for rough surfaces, because although in rare cases, others can also cause damage.

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7 Tips For Oven Cleaning

After cooking usually we are faced with a problem – how to clean the oven? Sometimes this task is not easy, especially if you have to deal with accumulated grease and soot. Instead of using strong artificial agents that are harmful for inhalation and for our skin, try these alternatives.

  1.       Mix water (1/4 cup), salt (1/4 cup) and baking soda (3/4 cup) until a thick paste. Wipе the ovеn with a damp cloth and sprеad the pastе over the еntire surface. Lеave it to act ovеrnight and in the morning wash. This mеthod is most effective when the oven is not too dirty, so clean it regularly.
  2.       Clean the brown plaque from the window of the oven by diluting baking soda in warm water. Apply the solution over the place and leave for 15 minutes. Then you’ll wipe dirt considerably easier.
  3.       You can also use plain vinegar. Apply a small amount of liquid on the cool surface of the oven with a damp cloth and distribute it throughout the area. Leave it for some time to act. If the dirt is small, will be able to wipe easy, but if it is big, you will be required and brush.
  4.       Mix vinegar with baking soda. This will help remove even the oldest overlays on the walls of the oven. Finally rinse with warm soapy water and it will shine like new again.
  5.       In hot water dilutes some soap or detergent for washing dishes. Pour it into a container and put it in the oven by moistening and walls with it. Then run the oven at 120 degrees for 30 minutes, during which time should not open it. Then open and allow to cool slightly. With a damp cloth will remove the fats without difficulty.
  6.       In court pour 1 liter of water and add a cup of vinegar. Put it in the oven and drop it at 150 degrees for 30 minutes. Then turn it off and while it is warm and wet, wipe the walls. If it proves difficult, repeat the procedure with more vinegar.
  7.       Dilute with water baking powder or a mixture of citric acid and baking soda. Spray the oven thoroughly with this solution and wait a while. Then accumulation will break down into pieces that will easily remove with a wet rag.

You always have another opportunity, you can call a Cleaning company. They offer many cleaning services, including Oven cleaning. You can try also SYK end of tenancy cleaning services.

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How to clean windows at home

Most modern households already have aluminum or PVC windows, as part of creating a more friendly and energy efficient home. New windows and doors, however, they need quality care and regular cleaning, the use of certain preparations hide unexpected hazards on the state of the windows.

The advantages of traditional cleaning window

One of the most commonly used methods for cleaning the windows is erasing with a newspaper or a dry piece of cotton cloth. If on the glass is deposited dust, it might work, but for stubborn stains require more serious measures. Many hosts recommend to 1 liter of warm water add 1 tablespoon vinegar (or lemon juice) and with this liquid to spray the window or clean it with a moistened cloth. This will make sure that the glass of the windows will not remain scratches or other marks.

How to remove the scorched protective stickers from the windows?

A common case is leaving stickers on the windows for too long, which makes later their removal extremely difficult. Experts, however, offer a variety of solutions to this problem. Some advised to treat patches with soapy water or window cleaner, others resort to more traditional methods, such as processing the patch with a steam cleaner and carefully push the residual adhesive with a wooden spatula.

Proven and popular method used by the masters is the removal of the old stickers from windows using a cotton cloth and oil or cream. Oily basis of these ingredients does not allow the adhesive to spread, and it brings together. It is important to note that the oil and the cream does not affect the consistency of the glue simply facilitate easier it mechanical removal.

But what products should not use when cleaning windows?

Despite the differences in methods of cleaning the aluminum and PVC windows, experts agree on one thing – to remove the patches and dirt should not use any abrasive materials. They will damage the profile and remove the upper layer or even paint. Other means that it is not advisable to use are grinding materials, detergents containing solvents, as well as too hard or coarse brushes, which can scratch the profile.

Wash the glasses only when are not directly lit by sunlight

It is important to note that the windows are washed only when they are not lit directly by sunlight. Otherwise, there is danger in pure glass remain traces and sprays for the faster drying of home preparation. Here are a few tricks to easily wash windows at home:

  • Mix baking soda, salt and water, and then wipe the glass with the resulting liquid;
  • It is not particularly popular, but very effective solution is the abrasion of the glass with sliced potato, but then must be cleaned with a soft cloth;
  • On a more stubborn dirt and scratches apply toothpaste and gently rub the problem area, then go again with a dry cloth or towel.

Washing windows is labor intensive job, so I advise you to use the services of a professional cleaning company. When I changed my rented property, I call to the End of tenancy cleaning Tunbridge Wells agency and I was pleasantly surprised from their work. Next time I decide to try their one-off cleaning service.

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10 Tips for cleaning carpets

We all know that despite its good looks, the carpets are like a nest of dirt. Without proper cleaning and maintenance, carpet can absorb a lot of dust, hair, dirty stains, etc. Also, poor maintenance and cleaning can damage your carpet. In some cases the it is necessary professional cleaning of stains and dirt on your carpet.

This article will give you recommendations related to clean the carpet with an emphasis on everyday stains and dirtiness.Pay attention that some natural fabrics (silk, wool, etc.) are very sensitive to high-pressure water and cleaning with some chemical agents. For that you need to choose the safest and most effective way to clean natural carpet.

  1. The best way to clean the thing in the first place to keep it from pollution. Always remember that.
  2. Regular vacuuming is always a good way to start cleaning the carpets. Vacuum cleaning is easier and safer to remove light dirt and filth.
  3. careless cleaning / rubbing the stains will only lead to their spread and blur, resulting in absorption deeper into the carpet. This can damage the carpet.
  4. Some stains tend to reappear. Just when you think that you clear the stain, then reappears soon after. To avoid this place the towel with detergent on the stain for several hours. This could absorb most of the stain. Then, clean the normal way.
  5. Avoid drying stain with irons or hair dryers because it would make the stain even harder.
  6. Steam cleaning is a great way to eliminate all kinds of stains and freshen the carpet. This is quite common service offered by professional cleaning companies, so consider taking advantage of it now. I’m very satisfied with services of carpet cleaning Essex.
  7. In any case, mold and mildew require bleach for white fabrics or other special cleaners colored fabrics. The preparations can be harmful if not used properly or in incorrect amounts. Take time to read the instructions and notices of various detergents.
  8. spills on carpets must be cleared as quickly as possible, set to avoid further damage to the carpet.

In case of stubborn stains from spills (coffee, wine, etc.), You can use one of the many products offered to clean the special spots. If you do not have cleaners, another good and easy way to deal with stained spot is a mixture of water and vinegar.

  1. As mentioned above, vacuum cleaning is the main and easiest way to keep your carpets clean. Take it as possible more often. High-quality vacuum cleaners can be of great benefit. Make sure you use them properly and keep them properly clean more often their bags, filters and containers.
  2. When necessary, use the lightest cleaning chemicals as they do not damage the carpet. Stronger cleaning agents should be used only against very stubborn stains.

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We begin by actually understanding what Nootropics are, it is term used for a class of chemicals that are either formulated by using natural ingredients or some man made formulas that help give the human brain a boost.

There are various drugs on the market but only a few that really work.


It is an all-natural product that helps boost the brain and actually with time one becomes smarter. This drug is beneficial to students, athletes and professionals and it is known to be a smart drug on steroids. It does not contain any gluten, soy or any allergens. It also helps reduce anxiety in people and boosts ones productivity levels. It also help boost an individual’s learning and helps with problem solving.


If you looking for a product that is highly caffeinated then this is the right smart drug for you. It helps one to think clearly, improves memory function and improves brain health. It is also a naturally formulated drug and one great benefit of this drug is that it is helps stop the cognitive decline that is generally caused by aging.

Review of Alpha Brain

Another natural product made of herbs and plant extracts, with a blend of amino acids and is definitely caffeine free. This drug helpsshutterstock_103080449 improve motivation and productivity. Increases memory and because it has no caffeine in it the benefit of this drug is that it can be taken anytime and it definitely won’t affect sleep patterns.


This is similar to the other drugs mentioned its helps support brain health and helps brain function properly. It helps to increase ones focus. It has not caffeine. It helps give a spark to your brain.


Always in a bad mood and having trouble concentrating then you definitely need to try this drug out. Firstly it is caffeine free. You begin to have clear thinking. Your stress levels are reduced, no more anxiety. You are able to concentrate better and it regulates your mood. Taking this drug prevents and individual from being totally stressed out.

Over all it is important to find the right smart drug that will work for you. We as humans are complicated and one thing that may work for someone else, might not work for you. Take your time and be aware about how each of the above mentioned nootropics makes you feel. Stay away from those “smart drugs” that gives you a short term spike in clarity, followed by a huge dive. Finding the right balance is key.

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